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Compound glue

Compound adhesive

Product profile:

The composite glue is a single-component gel, the appearance is a yellow transparent liquid, the main component is polyurethane, and is widely applicable to the splicing and assembly of various wood products. When in use, a proper amount of glue is applied to the surface of the base material uniformly, and the pressure is solidified. The composite adhesive has the characteristics of high adhesive strength, fast drying time, water resistance, anti-freezing, convenient construction and convenient use and the like.

Methods of use:

Removing the stain and floating ash on the surface of the bonded material, the surface is too smooth, too rough and uneven will affect the bonding strength, so the corresponding treatment should be made according to the specific situation.

Uniform coating, glue per square meter 150 g or so, sticky surface smooth can be slightly reduced, surface roughness can be slightly added.

After coating, there is no need to wait, then can compound the adhesive.

After compound must use press or heavy object press tight, solidify before loosening.

Stored in unopened, well-packed containers in sun-proof, dry areas for 12 months.Use up shortly after opening the package.

Application areas:

The composite adhesive has good economy, good machinability and wettability. After the composite, the initial adhesion effect is very obvious, has good transparency and elasticity, aging resistance, no smell. Composite rubber is widely used in various handicrafts, wood furniture bond, shoe factory bag, leather composite, high-end car seats, high-end pillows, leather furniture and other soft furniture manufacturing.

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