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Repairing putty glue

Mending putty glue

Product profile:

The appearance of mending putty glue is white emulsion. Non-toxic, non-flammable, easy to construct, is the ideal raw material for wall coating, porcelain, putty, fan ash. A scientifically processed rubber compound of natural macromolecule polymers. It can dissolve in cold water quickly, with the advantages of fast dissolution, minimum dosage, high viscosity, fast film formation, suspension, moisture retention, anti-enzyme, anti-aging, long storage time, convenient use, stable performance and so on. The putty adhesive has the advantages of convenient construction, non-coiling, fast film forming, high hardness, good water resistance, and can be used for more than 20 years. It is a new type of green and environmental friendly putty adhesive which can be modulated by water.

Methods of use:

The product quality of putty glue depends on the formula of putty glue and the uniformity of mixing in mixer.

The construction quality of putty glue depends on the mixing uniformity of putty glue after adding water, and the amount of water added should not be controlled much.

If the construction of putty glue is too fast, it can be adjusted by adding more rubber powder and less lime-calcium glue in the production formula of putty glue. If the hardness is low, can increase ash calcium powder and putty glue adjust hardness.

The environmental temperature for product use and bonding is recommended at 0 40 . After the final product is glued to the line, it should be maintained under pressure for a period of time (24 hours 48 hours) to ensure the formation of effective bonding.

Construction temperature above 5 degrees, anti-alkali serious and clear water wall can not be used, wall surface moisture content should be less than 10%.

Construction should be avoided at the same time as paint.

When the wall is too dry, water can be used after wet scraping, so as to avoid

bubbling phenomenon.

product model

Project name / Model

 caulk(ing) compound


White emulsion

Solid content (%)


Viscosity CP.S


pH value


Maintenance time

24 hours 48 hours



scope of application

Ideal raw materials for wall coating, porcelain, putty, fan ash

quality guarantee period

12 months

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