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Veneer glue

Wood rubber

Wood adhesive, commonly known as manual adhesive, is a woodworking adhesive.

Wood skin adhesive is a kind of hand-made veneering process, which is mainly used for convex curved surface, manual veneer, special-shaped veneer, veneer mending and so on. Real cattle hand-pasted wood adhesive is a special water-based poly (vinyl acetate), one-component, high solid content, fast-drying adhesive. Compared with the universal adhesive, the adhesive has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless, high ultimate strength, solvent resistance and heat resistance. Compared with ordinary white latex, it has the characteristics of less amount of cloth, quick drying, simple operation, high production efficiency, easy rework (reversible) and so on.

I, scope of application

It is mainly used for hand-pasted wood skin, special-shaped veneering, veneering mending and other hand-pasted wood skin on convex arc surface. Especially, it provides a good method for arc-shaped furniture to stick wood skin, hand-made wood skin, and special-shaped edge seal, and solves the problem of paint blistering. It will greatly promote the change of furniture design. Wood skin, decorative paper and other cold and hot pressing surface, especially suitable for hand-made wood skin sealing, veneering and other technological requirements, even if 0.6mm thick or thicker wood skin is not restricted, wood leather adhesive as long as it is convenient to use electric perm heating porous material to stick wood skin, The adhesive can be used.

II. Technical parameters

1.Class typeWater base type

2.Exterior viewMilky liquid

3.Viscosity10000x18000CPS, Brookfield sp.3,20rpm.,27

4.pH value 4-5

5.Solid content4050 %

6.Minimum film forming temperature13  

III. Methods of use

1, with a short hair drum double-sided coating, in order to ensure uniform glue, 80 g / m2 cloth is ideal.

2, apply glue on one side that is not easy to absorb water (e.g., medium fiber board, wood skin, solid wood, etc.), and place it at 25 ℃ for 1 / 3 minutes (depending on the amount of glue coated), Hand touch to feel slightly sticky but glue does not transfer to the hand is the best.


3, the electric iron (about 150 ℃ 170 ℃) heats for 3 seconds for 5 seconds, and the edge of the plate is heated for a little longer, about 5 seconds for 10 seconds. After 2 hours of adhesive paste, if the inspection finds bubbles or no adhesion, iron it with electric iron and paint 24 hours later


4. If one-sided cloth glue is used, the wood skin will be covered immediately after the glue is coated, and the wood skin will be flattened by hand, then heated and pressed (mainly suitable for hand-fitting on a flat surface).

IV. Bonding conditions and effects

Wood moisture content: 8: 14%

Wood requirements: ensure wood processing accuracy and glue face fresh, oil-free and dust-free.

Environmental conditions: generally do not use below 13 °C. If the ambient temperature is below 13 °C, heat the glue before drying.

Bonding strength: the highest strength can be reached 7 days after bonding.

V. Health and safety

  Risk: nil

Cleaning method: maintain good working hygiene habits. If the skin glue sticks to the skin, rinse with water and soap. The tools used can be cleaned with warm water before the glue is dried.

  VI. Product storage

  Storage conditions: stored in the original container sealed with dense wood skin, to prevent high temperature frost wood adhesive, storage temperature of 5? 25?

  Storage period: generally not more than 6 months.

   Note: do not mix with other glue. 

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