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Wood glue

carpenter's glue


Carpentry glue is simply understood from the literal meaning, is the adhesive used in the woodworking industry. In a broad sense, the use of wood glue is more extensive, not limited to woodworking industry. But in the woodworking industry, wood glue is not only essential and good use, but also can often turn decay into magic.


1. Wood rubber species


(1) Indoor woodwork glue


Indoor wood glue is mainly used to paste all kinds of indoor wood products and furniture. The color is milky white, can be cleaned with water when dry, dry is transparent, non-toxic, does not pollute wood. Can bond all kinds of wood, cloth, paper, leather and other materials. Wood hand-made adhesive, furniture repair, and wood fracture can be used in indoor wood adhesive.


(2) Outdoor woodwork glue


Outdoor woodworking glue is generally industrial grade of white latex, dry can be cleaned with water, dry after a translucent, non-toxic, can be polished, can be painted, but also waterproof. Products can bond MDF plate, heat-resistant up to 110 degrees Celsius, specially used for carpentry or manufacturing into bonding all kinds of wood products. This adhesive is suitable for bonding all kinds of soft and hard wood, MDF medium density fiberboard, fire board, broken wood and other materials, some interior furniture and wood bonding can also be used.


(3) Polyurethane wood adhesive


This is a more advanced carpentry adhesive, the product is brown, dry light yellow, and will expand, some of the smaller cracks can also be filled. Non-toxic, acid-alkali, anti-pressure. After the carpentry is dried, it can be polished, painted, dyed, heat-resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius.


2. How to use woodworking glue


(I) temperature


Different seasons have different temperatures, so it is necessary to measure the working environment temperature and wood surface temperature in time. To some extent, the temperature determines the speed of cross-linking the splice plate. The surface temperature of wood is also closely related to the holding temperature of the splint. Wood glue can be used for different times at different temperatures. It can be used for 30 minutes in summer and 60 minutes in winter.


(2) mixing


The main agent and curing agent should be mixed strictly according to the weight ratio of 100 / 15, and should be stirred evenly. Once mixed, carpentry glue should be used up in controllable time. In the process of mixing, it is forbidden to mix other impurities such as sawdust, dust and so on, and it is also forbidden to add water, and it is forbidden to mix the main agent and curing agent into each other before use.


(III) Wood moisture content


The moisture content of dried wood should be controlled to less than 7% after natural moisture recovery. If the moisture content of wood is less than 7%, it may lead to excessive permeability of wood and lead to the lack of adhesive and cracking of the adhesive surface. If the moisture content of wood is too high, it will lead to poor permeability of wood, so it is difficult to form glue nails. The cross-linking reaction is incomplete, which may lead to the opening of the gel. The critical moisture content difference of wood should be controlled within 3%.


(IV) Wood processing accuracy


The processing accuracy of wood should be within 0.15mm, the surface of wood bonding should not have the processing defect of "gnawing head and finishing", and the wood should have good straight angle. There should be no gouging, sawing, carbonization, etc. It is strictly prohibited to use bonded surfaces to bond with contaminated wood such as dust, grease and so on.


3. The difference between Wood adhesive and White Latex




White latex is actually a kind of wood glue, but it is not pure white latex. From the application scope, the application range of wood adhesive is wider, white latex is only one kind of wood glue.

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