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Cyan red AB glue

AB adhesive

 Product profile

AB adhesive is another name of two liquid mixed hardened adhesive, one liquid is base adhesive, one liquid is curing agent, two liquid phase mixing can harden, is not need to depend on temperature to harden to produce. AB glue main component is acrylic acid, epoxy, polyurethane, the main composition of AB gum is acrylic acid, epoxy, polyurethane, etc., the main composition of AB adhesive is acrylic acid, epoxy, polyurethane. Component A is acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy resin, or contains catalysts and other promoters, component B is modified amines or other hardeners, or contains catalysts and other promoters. Mix in a certain proportion. The catalyst can control the curing time and other promoters can control the properties (such as viscosity, rigidity, flexibility, adhesion, etc.). Quick drying characteristics, A\ B mixing, 25 degrees, 5 minutes dry, temperature The higher the dry time, the shorter the time. Can bond plastic with plastic, plastic with metal, metal with metal, bond after peeling requires tool or hot melt separation. Plastic and plastic bonding effect is excellent, almost equal to the strength of ABS, widely used in hand-made improvement. Epoxy resin AB adhesive is a two-component epoxy resin adhesive. It has not only high adhesive strength, high hardness, high chemical resistance, but also anti-yellowing effect. Even on the vertical surface or ceiling on the ceiling do not flow hanging, dry solid moderate, safe and convenient.

usage method

1. The adhesive will be treated clean at room temperature (25 ), and then the A and B glue will overlap at a visual 1:1 ratio or be coated with A glue on one piece and B glue on the other, and then glued together, Before and after 2 times run-in 3 times fixed 5 minutes 10 minutes.


2, the adhesive will be treated clean at room temperature (25 ), then the A glue and B glue are mixed with plastic sheet at 1:1 ratio, then applied to the surface to be bonded within 3 minutes, fixed for 5 minutes and then fixed for 10 minutes.


3, it can reach 50% of the maximum strength after 30 minutes, and reach the highest strength after 24 hours. It can be used in-60 -100 environment.


4, do not mix a large amount of glue at a time, keep good ventilation, there is acrylate smell in the glue, do not enter. Do not allow children to contact, after the use of plastic caps should not be wrong.


5, adhesive containers must be tightly covered to prevent drying and contamination of adhesive surfaces. It is strictly forbidden to expose yourself to the sun.

application area

Auto, motorcycle repair: box, oil circuit, carburetor, cylinder head, exhaust pipe, drive shaft bushing repair, plastic parts such as baffle, lamp glass, handle bonding.Toys, all kinds of jewelry manufacturing, porcelain crafts, glass products, shellfish crafts, hairpins and so on.

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