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Spray glue


Product profile:

Glue spray is a simple operation, rapid and convenient use, environmental protection, glue-saving, time-saving, improved efficiency and cost-saving products. Widely used in rotary chairs, high-grade pillows, mattresses, thick leather sofas, cloth sofas, cabinets, screens, handbags, bags, etc.; suitable for thick leather, imitation leather, cloth art, regenerated leather, wood, foam, sponge, etc.

technical parameter

Project name








Synthetic rubber, "Chloroprene rubber" solvent form

Synthetic rubber, "Chloroprene rubber" solvent form

Synthetic rubber, "Chloroprene rubber" solvent form

Synthetic rubber, "Chloroprene rubber" solvent form

Synthetic rubber, "Chloroprene rubber" solvent form

Solid content%






Viscosity mpa.s (25 )






Curing time (20 -30 )

30 minutes 40 minutes

30 minutes 40 minutes

30 minutes 40 minutes

30 minutes 40 minutes

30 minutes 40 minutes

Post-glue development time

10 minutes 20 minutes

10 minutes 20 minutes

8 minutes 15 minutes

8 minutes 15 minutes

8 minutes 15 minutes

Coating amount






construction technology

Manual and spray paint

Manual and spray paint

Manual and spray paint

Manual and spray paint

Manual and spray paint

quality guarantee period

six months

six months

six months

six months

six months


1, the initial viscosity is strong, the speed is fast, the use is convenient, and the working efficiency is improved;

2, the spray surface is larger, is generally for the 12 plane per kilogram;

3, impermeable pressure sensitive adhesive, long viscosity duration;

4, the sticky material can be easily removed, and a new positioning paste can be generated;

5, spray rubber particles fine and transparent, most materials will not be speckled, shrinkage infiltration.

4, the product has low odor, quick drying (adhesive in 1 ~ 3 minutes), good spraying performance, good initial viscosity, high strength, convenient for production operation of assembly line; after curing, it has the characteristics of temperature resistance, cold resistance, good water resistance, good comprehensive performance and so on.

5, the products fully meet the national enforcement of July 1, 2002 < Indoor decoration material adhesive harmful substances limit > standard GB18583-2001 provisions.

matters need attention

1, this multi-positive tank is packed under pressure, and it is easy to cause explosion in the event of heat

2. This can should be placed in a place that is not easily accessible to children.

3, before abandoning, the contents should be completely sprayed out before being discarded, and the wall of the can should be pierced with iron nails.

4, do not place above 50 degrees during storage

5, please select a well ventilated place to use

6, if the use of contact with the skin, multi-chemical degumming agent cleaning, will achieve the best results.

Operation specification

1, before construction, first check if the gun function is intact, if there is water should be removed in advance;

2, the construction site should open doors and windows to ensure that the site ventilation is good;

3, construction should be away from fire and static electricity, construction site should not be within 50 meters of other sparks or electrostatic construction;

4. the surface of the material shall be cleaned and clean during construction, without grease, dust or other debris;

5, spray the nozzle evenly onto the surface of the material:

* the nozzle is about 0.5 meters from the surface of the material;

: the air pressure of the gun should be adjusted to the normal requirement of 6 kg;

* the gun ejects uniform sector-shaped glue with a sector angle of about 45 degrees;

: uniform coating material is the best coating material for spraying, and the coating should not be too thick;

* spray gun should move evenly and smoothly, do not accumulate glue, do not lack glue.

6, after uniform spraying, place 1 / 2 minutes to glue (or the glue layer does not stick the hand);

7, the proper pressure when bonding, will make the adhesive effect is better;

8. Some special materials or processes need to be dried by the glue layer, then heated and bonded under pressure, which can adjust the glue according to the requirements of the customer;

9, when the spray gun is not used, the gun should be cleaned clean;

10. Effects of bad spraying:

* the thickness of the adhesive will increase the cost, slow down the drying rate, etc., and at the same time will result in the accumulation of glue, which will affect the bonding quality;

* non-uniform rubber layer, will lead to glue, part of the phenomenon of ejaculation.

Operation technology

1, the spray product should be evenly sprayed on the surface of the adhesive, but the surface of the adhesive must be dry, clean, oil-free before spraying construction, otherwise it will affect the best effect of bonding;

2, after spraying in the air temperature above 20 within 1 minute or glue does not stick to the hand (depending on the workplace to master the operating placement time) can be applied pressure bonding, adhesive material should be the best one-time accurate, so as to ensure that the effect is stable and firm;

3, in the use of temperature below 10 to extend the time, or need to meet the requirements of the operation process and so on, please adjust with our engineering department, to ensure the best adhesion performance of the product!

4, in 10 to minus 10 and rainy days, the use of wet weather to master the best bonding time operation, pay attention to the material and bonded surface is dry, otherwise it will lead to poor bonding effect;

5, this product in weather, phenology and other objective factors during the transformation process, if there are any differences in operation, process and quality, please contact our engineering department in time, timely solution, will not affect production and reduce production efficiency.

6. the special operation requirements of glue spraying are different, and the requirements are inconsistent, scattered and not dispersed, fast-drying and slow-drying, high and low-concentration, strong-viscosity and non-stick-hand, long and short adhesive time, and so on. Our technical department can produce according to the needs of our customers to meet the market demand.

See problem analysis

1, question: why spray glue in the process of the use of poor spraying effect situation?

Answer: this is related to the quality of spray gun, air pressure unevenness, spray distance, air temperature change, user choose product type improperly and so on.

2, ask: why enter autumn and winter season, spray glue smell feeling can be bigger?

Answer: this is related with autumn and winter temperature and air circulation is not smooth and adhesion is too fast, resulting in spray smell can not be completely released and so on.

Q: why is glue not as strong in winter as it is in summer?

A: temperature, humidity and spray operation code are the three main factors that affect the adhesive force.

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