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Uv glue

shadowless glue/ UV glue

Uv adhesive, also known as photosensitive adhesive, UV-curable adhesive, is a kind of adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light irradiation, it can be used as adhesive, can also be used as paint, UV-curing adhesive, UV curing adhesive. Ink, etc., the use of rubber. UV is the abbreviation of the English Ultraviolet Rays, that is, ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet (UV) is invisible to the naked eye. It is an electromagnetic radiation beyond visible light. The wavelength is in the range of 10~400nm. The curing principle of shadow-free adhesive is that photoinitiators (or photosensitizers) in UV curing materials produce activity after absorbing ultraviolet light under ultraviolet irradiation. Radical or cation, initiated monomer polymerization, cross-linking chemical reaction, so that the adhesive from liquid to solid in a few seconds.

Methods of use:

1, one of the two bonded objects is transparent and the surface is cleaned clean, dry and free of grease;

(2) coating UV on one of the surfaces, closing the two planes and illuminating with a suitable wavelength (usually 365nm-400nm) and an energy ultraviolet lamp or illumination with a high pressure mercury lamp from the center to the periphery. And make sure that the light does shine through to the glued part;

3, it is suggested that when illumination is about 6s or so, the residual glue on the workpiece should be removed and then re-illuminated to be completely solidified;

4, curing time should be different according to different preparation materials, adhesive thickness, UV intensity. It is suggested that users purchase ultraviolet intensity tester and make light intensity test before bonding in order to reduce the waste rate.

5. Air temperature also has a little effect on the activity of glue, and the curing time should be extended when the temperature is low.

6. Do not press and repeatedly rub materials that need to be bonded during operation, and recommend the use of fixed tools;

7. When bonding plastics, we should consider the content of ultraviolet absorbers in plastics, the high content will seriously affect the transmittance of ultraviolet rays, so it also has obvious influence on the curing efficiency of glue, and even leads to the impossibility of curing glue;


8. It is recommended to use low viscosity products for large area bonding. If the conditions are available, it is best to purchase vacuum equipment, fit in vacuum environment, in order to remove bubbles and improve the yield;

9. The above instructions are for reference only, and the specific operation requires the customer to make appropriate adjustments according to the specific circumstances.

Application areas:Shadow-free adhesive is widely used in plastic and plastic, plastic and glass, plastic and metal bonding. Mainly for handicraft industry plastic self-adhesive and mutual adhesion, furniture industry, such as tea table glass to steel frame bonding, glass fish tank bonding, including PMMA acrylic (plexiglass), PC,ABS,PVC,PS and other thermoplastics. The adhesive strength of the product is high, through the test of destruction test, the plastic body can be broken without degumming, the UV adhesive can be located for a few seconds, the maximum strength can be achieved in one minute, and the working efficiency can be greatly improved. After curing completely transparent, the product does not turn yellow for a long time, do not whiten; compare with the traditional instant Dry adhesive, with the advantages of environmental resistance, non-whitening, good flexibility and so on.产品型号:

Project name / Model

Shadow-free adhesive (uv glue)


Colorless transparent liquid

Solid content (%)


Viscosity CP.S


pH value


Maintenance time

24 hours 48 hours



Suitable material

Plastics, glass, metals, furniture, electronics, medical supplies, etc.

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