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Sealing adhesive use requirements-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Sealing adhesive use requirements
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Sealing adhesive use requirements

    1. This product can be directly poured into the glue tank for use. The surface of the adherend should be evenly applied.

    2, the random paste of the carton should continue to pressurize, depending on the size of the box, the pressurization time varies, usually 10 to 30 minutes.

    3. Clean the glue tank and glue wheel immediately with water when stopping.

Fourth, matters needing attention

    1. This product should not be mixed with other types of adhesives.

    2. This product is only limited to the interface bonding within the applicable range. It is not recommended to use the bonding between paper and UV glazing, PET, PE and other interfaces.

    3. The adhesion of BOPP film to paper requires that the polarity of BOPP film is greater than 38 dyne. This product is used for the bonding of BOPP film and paper. The low temperature performance is not good and it should be used with caution in winter.

    4, the dry film softening point of this product is low, the temperature of the paste box can not exceed 50 °C.

    5, storage environment: This product should be stored in the environment of 10 ° C to 35 ° C, pay attention to sun protection and antifreeze.

    5, the operating environment: water-based paste box glue in the environment of 10-25 ° C viscosity and adhesion performance is best, the winter ambient temperature should not be lower than 10 ° C, the paste box before the glue is not dry, pay attention to antifreeze

    6. Sealed and stored after use, the container containing this product must be tightly closed to prevent the surface of the adhesive from drying out.

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