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Research and Development of Gum Spraying Synthesis
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Tabloid:Research and Development of Gum Spraying Synthesis
The research and development of spraying glue synthesis is a systematic and logical practical activity. The real master of synthesis is the master of creating momentum. He can create a situation in which the expert feels that he must be able to get the desired conclusion. It is only a matter of time. These situations not only come from how much theoretical knowledge and experience he has, but also whether he has been the leader of research and development. Domain experts, more importantly, come from his research process and whether the measures taken are reasonable. As Sun Tzu said in his art of war, the so-called good fighters in ancient times are better than the easy ones. Therefore, the winner of a good fighter has no wisdom or courage, so his victory is not perfect. No, what they do will win, and those who have won or lost.

Like most people who ride bicycles nowadays, many of us use it as a means of transportation, but we learn that bicycles are spontaneous behavior. How many people can really be called bicycle riders? How many people have received formal training for this? In fact, the training of scientific research is the same. Looking back on our research career, we find that no matter where we are, the quality of scientific research is mostly formed spontaneously by our own speculation and the influence of the environment. Sporadic training is available, but systematic training has not been seen so far. So many people think it is extremely important to find a good mentor or to work in a good atmosphere. .

According to the survey of Organic Chemistry Network, most researchers believe that the most important factors for the development of spray gum are: 1. the ability to consult data, 2. the ability to respond in the experimental process. But in the process of research and development, how many people have studied and trained these two important qualities systematically? How much role can the literature retrieval courses in schools play in real scientific research if they can't be trained in actual combat? Almost everyone knows the war principle of "knowing one's friends and knowing the other", but how many people can use it freely and win a hundred battles?

A researcher once asked me, "You help me to see what my experiment is like. The reaction was good in the past few months and could be completed in one day. I didn't do this experiment in the past few months, but now I do it. The reaction lasts three days and the raw materials are still unreacted. The technological conditions are exactly the same. It's the same after repeated several times." I said, you tell me about the experimental conditions, and when he talked about the room temperature reaction, I understood that it was probably the temperature problem. I said, "Look at the phenomenon by raising the reaction temperature now to room temperature at that time." As a result, the problem was solved. This problem may not be very difficult for experienced synthesizers. However, no matter what the experience of synthesizers is, it is interesting to me how to find out the problem quickly and inevitably through logical methods, or what measures can be taken to make it possible to find and solve the problem if it is not the cause of temperature. In this regard, I will make some more detailed introductions in the following chapters. However, one important point is that "once the concept changes, the world changes all over the world". Therefore, we need to go back to the boring discussion of some synthetic concepts.

In war, we can say a lot about winning strategically, and very few about winning tactically. In battle, spraying glue can win a hundred battles, certainly not. But it is possible to transform the defeat of battle or tactics into the victory of strategy. There is a probabilistic problem. Just like buying lottery tickets, the probability is there as long as you keep on winning. Buy, no matter how big the prize you win, the final result is sure to be lost. The same is true for R&D. It is unrealistic to say that every project will win in a single project. It can be developed, but it may be slower than others. However, in a long-term development, it is entirely possible to win in this industry. This involves a question of choosing a topic, which I think should be one of the most important problems that troubles most of our researchers. It is also one of the biggest problems in our university education.

Directional problem is the biggest problem. As a research and development personnel, I think the most important task is not to operate or design the route, but to select the topic. If the topic is selected well, it can make itself invincible and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Whether in the enterprise or in the factory, it is the same. Choose a topic that can be engaged in for a long time and stick to it. I think it's the safest and most ideal way to develop this topic to the whole industry. I've heard more than one old professor sigh at his choice, saying that when he was young, his most regrettable thing was that he didn't go deep into one field. He did this today and did that tomorrow. The final result was not very authoritative in which field. In fact, from our point of view, those old professors have been very good, but they still feel that their status and their actual level are quite different, and the main reason for this difference is the topic selection. In fact, it is also easy to understand in common sense in this respect. After doing a project for a while, you will have a certain understanding of the industry. With some achievements, you will gradually form a certain influence. But at this time, if you do not think about how to further expand your influence, and then to obtain more opportunities, and to follow the trend into other fields, it will inevitably be another one. A re.
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