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One-component wood glue powder
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Tabloid:One-component wood glue powder
One-component wood glue powder

Characteristic: Wood hide glue has fast curing speed, high bonding strength, convenient use and formaldehyde emission reaching the European E1 standard. Cold and hot curing can achieve ideal effect. Wood without pollution has good water resistance and can be boiled for more than 30 minutes at 100 C. It is convenient for transportation.

Uses: Hardwood furniture bonding components assembly composite board bonding, wood-based panels and their secondary processing wood splicing.

Technical Indicators:

Appearance of____________light yellow powder is not available.

_Water content

Room temperature curing time of_______h_____8

Normal Shear Strength of____Mpa____ > 15

Aqueous Shear Strength of_____Mpa____ > 11

Storage life of___________18/12/6

Usage method:

1. Pretreatment of plywood:

The moisture content of__quilt plywood should be adjusted to 10 +3%.

__The wood for bonding should remove knots, cracks, oil stains, resins, etc.

Wood surface should be planed or sanded, and thickness deviation should be less than 0.1 mm.

_2. Adhesive formulation:

Proportion of wood glue powder to water (weight ratio) Wood glue powder: water = 1:0.6-0.8

__Mixing method:

_added 2/3 of the total water in the mixing container, then added wood glue powder, and stirred at a speed of 50-150 rpm.

After mixing evenly, add the remaining 1/3 of water and stir for 3-5 minutes until the glue is mixed evenly.

__The gel used for 2 hours.

_3. Gluing operation:

__glue amount:

The amount of coating varies with the type and temperature of the adhesives. The amount of double-sided adhesives is generally 200-300 g/m2.

__Pressure Conditions: (Normal Temperature Curing)

Pressure conditions (pressure, pressure time) of wood bonding are adjusted according to wood type and operation temperature.

Wood, Coniferous, Coniferous, and Broad-leaved Wood

Operating Temperature Conditions______5-25 C_ > 25 C___5-25 C> 25 C

Glue amount (double side) g/m2_200-250_250-300_200-250_300_

_Pressure MPa___0.8-1.0_0.8-1.0_1.2-1.5_1.2-1.5

Pressure time h____ > 8_ > 7_ > 8_ > 8


_adhesive parts can be processed the next day after pressure relief, but they must be maintained for more than 12 hours at temperatures above 20 in winter.

_4. Heating and curing operation:


Matters needing attention:

Wood gum powder should be kept in an airtight container to avoid direct sunshine and contact with water.

_2. After using wood glue powder, the inner packaging plastic bags should be tightened immediately, and the lid of the barrel should be tightened to avoid damp deterioration.

_3. Wood glue should not make wood glue powder into the eyes. In case it enters the eyes, it can be washed directly with water. If necessary, it should be treated by a doctor.


Kraft paper/woven composite bag, 25kg/bag; shelf life is half a year; stored in dry and cool place.
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