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Application of Real Bovine White Latex-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Application of Real Bovine White Latex
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Tabloid:Application of Real Bovine White Latex
Application of Real Bovine White Latex

Shanghai Zhenniu Chemical Plant will guide you to use different methods of bonding things. Real cow white latex, white tower white latex, occupies the market by its quality.

Aqueous emulsion adhesive, genuine cow white emulsion, also called polyvinyl acetate emulsion. No formaldehyde, organic solvents, pollution-free non-toxic green products. The product has good stability, strong initial adhesion, strong adhesion and water resistance. It has the advantages of fast drying, good strength, high solid content, long service life and mildew resistance, and is suitable for large-scale operation.

Use method and effect

White latex is used according to different objects of adhesion. Water can be diluted appropriately. It is better to dilute it with warm water at 3040 (?) C, but not with cold water. When bonding wood, the amount of glue can be determined according to the specific use. Generally, glue is applied on two bonding surfaces. After bonding, place it for a moment, then press it with 35kg/cm 2 pressure for 3 hours. At this time, the strength can reach about 7080% of the bonding strength. It takes 816 hours to complete curing. If the heating curing method is used, the curing time can be shortened. Usually, the curing time is about 80 C under 35kg/cm 2 pressure. Thin plates only need to be pressed for a few minutes, while thick plates need to be prolonged appropriately.

Veneer, sticker, also used for plywood, synthetic board fiberboard and fireproof board sticker; Wood processing, paper, cloth, leather, ceramics and other industries of adhesion. Real cow white latex is mainly used for sticking common wood.

Packaging and storage

The product should be stored in a cool place with a net weight of 50KG per barrel. The series of products are packed in plastic barrels. It is not allowed to be exposed to the sun or frozen in the open air. It is recommended that the storage temperature be 10-35 C. The shelf life of this product is half a year.
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