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Effect of hot pressing temperature on the properties of planing spray adhesive board-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Effect of hot pressing temperature on the properties of planing spray adhesive board
Time:2018-10-31 09:01:19    Page view (1167)
The influence of UF and EM[I on curing properties of particleboard is different. It is not necessary to extend the hot pressing time to meet the requirement of adding 0.7% water repellent agent to EMIIUF particleboard.
The requirement for moisture content of wood shavings is also different. The static bending strength, modulus of elasticity and swelling rate of water absorption thickness of non-particleboard in isocyanate polymerization were improved obviously. The mechanical properties and formaldehyde emission of the particleboard were treated at 175 C as hot pressing temperature.
4.5min is suitable for hot pressing time. The influence of hot pressing time on the properties of particleboard. The performance indexes of particleboard are better when the hot pressing time is 4.5 minutes at 175 C.
The properties of the particleboard meet the requirements of the national standards; the static bending strength and elastic modulus are similar to those of UF resin particleboard. _The properties of EMDIUF mixed adhesive and UF rubber particleboard have higher moisture content. When the moisture content of the slab is 18%, the properties of the particleboard pressed are lower than those of 4% and 10% slabs, while the slabs with 4% and 10% moisture content are used to press the particleboard. The performance of particleboard is not very different, indicating that isocyanate adhesive can adapt to the larger moisture content range. The moisture content of slab is high and the formaldehyde emission of particleboard increases greatly. Therefore, when the moisture content of particleboard does not exceed 15% after sizing, the moisture content of surface particleboard is 12% and that of core particleboard is 9% and 12%.
Whether using UF glue or MDI to produce particleboard, there are slow heat conduction, small particleboard plasticity, particleboard is not easy to compact and other swelling rates significantly decreased. _Study on boiling water resistance of UF with EMII. Particleboard specimens with different kinds of adhesives were boiled in 100~C boiling water for 2 HL and all the specimens bonded with UF lost strength. The specimens bonded with UFEMII mixed adhesives completely lost strength after 2 h, while the specimens with 4.5% MDI still had some strength after 2 h.
To ensure the mechanical properties at the same time, with the milk to produce water, the moisture content of particleboard evenly, hand laying into slabs, by preloading and spray hot pressed particleboard. The performance was determined according to the national standard GB489792, and the amount of adhesive used in the experiment was based on the amount of dry wood shavings.
3 main influencing factors
To increase the improvement rate is small; when the EM[I was applied to determine the content of 1.5%, the quantity of glue and glue mixing ratio when the UF content was 6% EMII glue applied amount increased from O.5% to improve the performance of the 1% board. With the increase of UF glue sizing amount, improve the cohesive strength of particleboard, reduce the thickness swelling rate. Applying 6%UF glue, slab compression level is moderate, but the gap between the plate can not be beyond 60mmUF and EM[I ratio is 61 production interest minimum, mechanical performance standard.
In terms of moisture resistance, the effect of waterproofing agent is not achieved. 2. The determination of water repellent agent EMII has the strong effect of spraying glue. The mixed rubber particleboard is pressed than UFEM[I=61 ratio. Cohesive strength increased slightly, but water absorption problem. The moisture content of slab increased from 10% to 14%, which had no significant effect on the mechanical properties of mixed particleboard. 14% to 17%, the bending strength and elastic modulus decreased slightly, if the moisture content of wood shavings was too low. While the cohesive strength decreased obviously, thickness swelling rate increased, the performance has favorable development. The suitable slab moisture content of mixed particleboard should not exceed 14%.
The influence of hot pressing temperature on the properties of particleboard hot pressing temperature increase can make 44- two phenyl methane diisocyanate (EMDI urea formaldehyde resin (UF mixed rubber adhesive glue plane plate. The formaldehyde emission was reduced to less than 9mg/100g.
Purchased wood chips from Zhengyang River particleboard factory, 1 data shavings. The Heilongjiang Forestry Academy of Sciences is mainly made of poplar, mixed with a few birch trees; isocyanate gum (emulsified MDIDOw Chemical Co., Ltd.; UF resin adhesive, Zhengyang particleboard factory, waterproofing agent paraffin emulsion, laboratory self-made.
After mixing, spray onto the wood shavings and add EM[I to the UF glue during the 2 sizing test. Glue spray adhesive and water particle thickness swelling thickness expansion rate decreased significantly, indicating moisture resistance is greatly improved, especially the formaldehyde emission reduced to below 9mg/100g.
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