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Microencapsulated anaerobic adhesive
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Anaerobic adhesive, also known as anaerobic adhesive, is a new type of adhesive sealing material. Anaerobic adhesives are a single-liquid multi-component system consisting of acrylate monomers, polymerization initiators and accelerators. Anaerobic adhesives are widely used in aviation, aerospace, missile and other military industries at home and abroad, as well as in the production of automobile, machinery, petrochemical and mechanical products of various light and heavy industries. It has become an industrial adhesives that can not be replaced by other adhesives.
If the components of anaerobic adhesives are placed in microcapsules, viscous glue can be turned into flowable powder particles for easy use. The air can penetrate microcapsule semi permeable wall membrane into microcapsule and maintain the stability of the glue. When in use, the microcapsules are broken by extruding each other between the bonding surfaces, and the glue is flowed out and separated from the air to polymerize and solidify. Therefore, anaerobic microcapsules are more convenient for preservation and use.
Gong Yongfeng et al. prepared microcapsules by in-situ polymerization with hydroxyl isopropylbenzene peroxide as core and urea-formaldehyde resin as wall materials. Infrared spectrum analysis showed that the wall material of microcapsule was urea-formaldehyde resin with body network structure, and the core material was completely coated. Scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy showed that the surface morphology of microcapsule was regular, good dispersion, narrow particle size distribution and average particle size was about l00 micron. The optimum conditions for preparation of microcapsules were as follows: n (urea): n (formaldehyde) = 1.0:2.0, the ratio of wall material to core material was l0:3, the content of Arabic gum was 2.5%, the shear rate of emulsification was 2000 r/min, and the acidification rate was 40 minutes, and the pH value was reduced to about 1.5. In practical application, it was found that the coatable anaerobic adhesive prepared by microcapsule had good effect in practical application, and could reach the technical level of the coatable anaerobic adhesive produced by Letai Company.
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