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Yarn splicing instead of tape tape assembly process-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Yarn splicing instead of tape tape assembly process
Time:2018-10-30 16:40:01    Page view (746)
The automation degree, wood utilization rate and plywood yield of the production line for elevating the floor block are solved. A kind of rubber splicing floor structure is a square unit floor block, in which the adjacent two sides of the floor block body are evenly concave to the body. A number of grooves will form a bump between the grooves; in the body of another life; high strength, the finished plate is not easy to splice, one of the adjacent sides of the lower part of the body is evenly convex outward with a plurality of bumps with the same thickness as the groove mentioned above, then the bumps will form a groove between the bumps, and the shape of the bump corresponds to the groove. When a single drill bit uses one side of the convex block of the unit floor to be joined with the other side of the groove of the unit floor block, the jointed floor has only one direct joint between the two unit floor blocks, and the joint between the convex block and the groove is covered by the upper part of the unit body, so the overall appearance of the jointed floor is comparable. Commonly used articles have fewer joints, appearance and raw materials for internal sawing process; can avoid overlapping seams in Inner mid-plate during manufacturing process and ensure smoothness; is easy to drill holes and mortise in plate, and can saw plywood of various shapes, which can extend * sheets. The present invention relates to the production process of plywood. The yarn splicing method is used instead of the tape tape assembly process. The small pieces of veneer are spliced together by yarns, and they are spun together with glue coated sheets and non coated sheets. According to the way of joining, it can be divided into end to end and end to join. Multi line connection is applied to the rubber coated sheet, and the non coated sheet is connected by a few lines. The invention is applicable not only to drying veneer processing, but also to wet veneer processing. It can be lifted, bended and not easily deformed. It can improve the tensile strength of finished panels and the use range is neat and beautiful. The unit body above the groove has an axial resistance to the spliced bumps, which can avoid the dislocation between the spliced unit floors. A kind of plywood with the same texture splicing is composed of inner veneer and surface plate. The inner veneer is spliced by several plates. Its specialty is that the splicing point of the plate is inclined plane, and the splicing point of the plate is overlapped by inclined plane. The texture direction of the inner veneer and the surface plate is the same, and the rough surface of the surface plate is facing. Outside. The advantages are: smooth appearance, prickle, solid wood sense, clear structure, saving surface treatment.
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