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Factory dependence of white latex is stronger than ethylene oxide downstream.-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Factory dependence of white latex is stronger than ethylene oxide downstream.
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Bullish sentiment is still high, ethylene oxide Market Outlook. Due to the shortage of supply and demand will continue, the trend of price tightening will be very obvious; with the gradual dissipation of high temperature weather, ethylene oxide will also usher in the peak demand season. Under the praise of many good things, ethylene oxide stable and rising will be the mainstream trend. EO factory initiative will play an obvious role, and pay attention to the market supply situation and downstream adaptation in the later period. Level.
Recently, there are two main reasons for the tight supply of ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide market has entered a booming stage. The situation of shortage of supply and demand is becoming more and more obvious. The bullish mood in the industry is rising. Domestic EO factories have also raised their ex-factory prices from early September to now. The increase ranges are 800 yuan/ton, 12800 yuan/ton in East China, 13000 yuan/ton in North China, 12800 yuan/ton in Maoming Petrochemical Company and 12900-13000 yuan/ton in Northeast China. Yuan / ton, we can see the frequent price adjustment of factories. The downstream of ethylene oxide is relying heavily on EO plants and can only follow up price adjustment. However, at present, the market of ethylene oxide is not a price problem, but the supply is very tight. There is a trend of infinite skyrocketing. Load reduction or parking overhaul are common in some downstream areas due to lack of EO procurement. .
One reason is that the domestic equipment maintenance is relatively concentrated, such as: Yanshan Petrochemical Plant began to repair on August 11, the current operation of the plant is still unstable, white latex production is not yet available; Shanghai Petrochemical Plant has been officially shut down in the morning of September 14, scheduled for maintenance for about 45 days; Jilin Petrochemical Ethylene Oxide Plant, one of the devices due to replacement. Chemicals will be stopped and repaired from September 7 to September 20. Liaoyang Petrochemical Company and Maoming Petrochemical Company are scheduled to be repaired around mid-October. The successive repairs of the units will last until mid-October, so the trend of tight price of ethylene oxide will continue.
In 2011, ethylene glycol was very strong. Another driving force came from ethylene glycol. Despite the complexity of the global economy, the shadow of the European debt crisis remains unchanged, the risk of the U.S. economic downturn has risen significantly, and market worries remain unabated, but in the absence of new installations in the world, the Taipei Plastic Fire has dragged down the start of installations in South Asia from time to time, the supply-side support market continues to rise, and the final return of ethylene glycol to the 10,000 yuan barrier. Mouth. Because domestic plants are basically co-production of ethylene glycol, so when the profit point of ethylene glycol is abundant, manufacturers will also increase the output to ethylene glycol, and ultimately the volume of ethylene glycol is large. The ethylene glycol's wind breaks the life of ethylene oxide, and ethylene oxide goes straight along with ethylene glycol.
But this year, downstream demand slowly started to become a drag on the active market. Short-term supply is tight and downstream demand is flat confrontation situation, downstream surfactant market: the "golden nine silver ten" radical peak season of daily chemical industry. Downstream, the daily chemical and chemical fiber industry load rate is low, because the economic situation is not optimistic, manufacturers basically maintain small sales orders. With the further guidance of the good news, it is expected that the face-off situation will continue for a short time, and the rigid demand will gradually follow up.
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