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Experts say the vehicle cracker glue in Henan is equivalent to 1 tons of explosives.-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Experts say the vehicle cracker glue in Henan is equivalent to 1 tons of explosives.
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A loud crash, 8 cars fell, 10 lives fell. 8? 11? 26? The number of deaths has been varied from the beginning; the explosion of firecrackers and transport vehicles has resulted in the death toll. Bad weather? There are also different versions of the official identified incidents. Accident rescue is still in progress, but many questions remain.
Ask 1
Who is in front of the collapse of the bridge?
Two, evidence suggests that the explosion before collapse.
According to official reports, the cause of the accident was initially identified as a bridge floor collapse caused by an explosion of a vehicle loaded with fireworks, resulting in vehicle crashes and casualties. In this regard, there is doubt that how to determine the bridge collapse after the first explosion? The reporter interviewed Wang Min, a well-known explosion expert, who said that there were two main reasons to judge that the explosion was first followed by the fall.
First of all, there are some scattered fireworks debris on the whole bridge deck site. Reporters observed that these debris are different from ordinary fireworks debris. Experts also introduced that it is a kind of large fireworks debris.
In addition, the northern half of the bridge deck and the North-South part of the separation were also exploded, if the first fall after the explosion, then it will not affect the northern half, the impact of the scene on the northern half exactly shows that the first explosion, strong shock wave affected the safety of the northern half of the road. Based on these two points, experts believe that the first explosion followed by explosion. Fall.
It is for this reason that most of the victims found at the scene were killed by a bridge crash rather than by an explosion.
Ask 2
Is firecracker so powerful?
Experts say that firecrackers are equivalent to 1 tons of explosives.
Even if it can be concluded that the explosion before the collapse, but a car explosion in the area is so great danger? How did this conclusion come from?
Last night, the reporter interviewed Han Zhibin, deputy director of the Sanmenxia municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department. According to Han Zhibin, Wang Minmin, a well-known explosion expert in China who participated in the field investigation, said that the fireworks carried by vehicles, commonly known as "thunder guns", were large informal firecrackers. Its power is enormous, the accident vehicle load limit is about 5 tons, but the actual loading of thunder guns is about several hundred boxes, more than 9 tons. A car "thunder sub gun", equivalent to 1 tons of explosives.
According to CCTV reporters, just went to the village one kilometer away from the scene to interview found that many villagers'glass was completely shattered, the house also has varying degrees of cracks.
Ask 3
Is there any problem in bridge quality?
No safety hazard has been found.
In response to public doubts about the quality of the bridge, at 13:40 yesterday, the reporter called a staff member of the Sanmenxia Publicity Department, who said that no potential safety hazard had been found in the current investigation. "It is certain that the investigation found that the collapse of the bridge caused by the explosion of fireworks and firecrackers."
As for "why did the fireworks explode suddenly", the staff said, "further investigation is under way. If there are any results, we will inform them immediately. "
At 11:00 p.m. the day before yesterday, according to the scene commander to the relevant leadership of the Ministry of Public Security, said that the accident bridge has been completed for 13 years, and there has never been any quality problems during its operation. At the end of 2011, relevant safety and quality tests were carried out. The test results were normal.

According to Dahe Daily, the construction unit of Yichang Bridge was the headquarters of Luoyang-Sanmenxia High Speed Project, which was managed by Henan Transportation Investment Group.

Ask 4
Why are steel bars too thin?
Experts say the material is not steel bar, it is steel strand.
The accident caused great public concern, some netizens raised some queries through some pictures on the scene. One of the pictures shows a large truck parked at the edge of the bridge where it was broken, and the cross section of the bridge exposed some components in the shape of thin steel bars. There are people questioned, do you think such thin steel bar can not collapse?
In addition, this photo shows that the cross-section of the bridge collapse is very neat. Some people say that if it is explosion, how can the cross-section be so neat?
Some experts explained that this place can not be called steel bar, it should be called steel strand, it is not thick, and the quality of a project can not be simply judged from the thickness of the steel bar in a photo, in addition, the cross-section of the bridge is neat because the bridge is erected by a plate, which is OK. Understanding can not be a factor of doubt.
Ask 5
Weather can cause car explosion?
The local propaganda department said there was no such statement.
The day before yesterday, a media release said that according to the information of the accident scene headquarters, the Yichang Bridge accident was caused by vehicle explosion caused by bad weather, which caused the bridge deck collapse, including 6 trucks, 2 cars fell, no bus fell, 11 casualties 4 seriously injured and 7 slightly injured. This statement also raises many questions. How did the bad weather cause the car to explode?
Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing News asked Han Zhibin, deputy director of the press section of the Propaganda Department of the Sanmenxia Municipal Committee, whether the accident was caused by "bad weather leading to vehicle explosion"?
Han Zhibin responded by saying that there was no such statement. This is the same as the 26 deaths that were first reported on the Internet. Some media have not been verified on the spot and have not fully understood the situation. The weather was foggy, but bad weather was not the main cause of the explosion.
Fireworks are transported into mobile bombs.
There are places for "protection industry" considerations, supervision is not strict.
According to Xinhua News Agency, the production and consumption of fireworks and firecrackers in China rank first in the world, and the problems of over-limit, over-load and unauthorized transportation are prominent.
Normal fireworks and firecrackers maintain special seasonal gaps
The state stipulates that fireworks must be transported by special dangerous explosive vehicles. Drivers and escorts must have certain working experience. They must be examined and trained by traffic police every year. In the process of fireworks transportation, they need to apply for road transport certificates.
But the actual situation is quite different from the state decree. China's fireworks industry has a large scale and a high degree of regional concentration. Liuyang City, Hunan Province, on the Hunan-Jiangxi border, and Liling City, Hunan Province and Shangli County, Jiangxi Province, adjacent to Liyang City, constitute a narrow region, producing more than half of the world's production of fireworks, with an output value of more than 20 billion yuan. Every year, a large number of fireworks and firecrackers are transported to all parts of the country and ports.
Experts from the industry have said that the total amount of Sinotrans fireworks is more than 20 thousand vehicles per year. Liuyang, Liling and other places with high concentration have also developed formal fireworks logistics industry in recent years, but there are special seasonal gaps. For example, Liuyang City has a shortage of about 600 units in the fireworks production and marketing peak season, mainly in the second half of the year, especially from September to January of the next year, while there is a certain idleness in the off-season. Influenced by cost and other factors, the price of special vehicle fireworks is higher than that of ordinary vehicles. For example, a shipment of fireworks from Hunan to the Northeast may cost 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan.
The producer used ordinary freight transport to save money.
The lack of seasonal transport capacity has led to the illegal transportation of fireworks by some tobacco producers, shippers and owners who seek to maximize their interests, using ordinary trucks without qualifications and technical conditions. It is understood that in the second half of each year, especially near the Spring Festival, the main fireworks producing areas will gather a large number of ordinary trucks, especially "return trucks" to solicit fireworks transportation business. And the management of fireworks and firecrackers everywhere is different. Some places are not strictly supervised because of the consideration of "protecting industry"; others are punished instead of being supervised by "opening one eye and closing one eye".
Experts believe that we should resolve risks by strengthening the rule of law, encouraging technological innovation and promoting industrial integration.
Comprehensive Beijing News reporter Shen Zhimin, Zhang Yongsheng, CCTV, CNR and other media reports.
Official investigation says that the number of firecrackers carried by vehicles in the Henan bridge collapse accident is equivalent to 1 tons of explosives.
"Now we can say with certainty that the serious illegal production and transportation behavior led to the occurrence of this major accident." Wang Dexue, deputy director of the State Administration of Safety Supervision, said at the scene of the collapse of Yichang Bridge at Mianchi, Henan Province, Lianhuo Expressway that the accident was a major responsibility accident. "A dead corner can not be left, a doubtful point can not be left, an object, a piece of debris must be turned over before the end of the search and rescue can be announced."
Reporters learned from the accident scene rescue headquarters at 10 pm on the 2nd that the accident was caused by the explosion of fireworks transport vehicles caused by illegal production, packaging and transportation by manufacturers, resulting in the collapse of bridge deck and the fall of many vehicles. Up to the time of press release, the accident has caused 10 deaths and 11 injuries, and the two-way interruption of Xin'an-Yima section of Henan Province of Lianhuo Expressway.
At the same time, the reporter received information from the field command center on the afternoon of February 2, reporting to the accident guidance coordination group that the explosives loaded by the accident vehicle were large fireworks bombs called "thunder guns", with a number of hundreds of boxes, and the explosive power was equivalent to one ton of explosives. Reporters in the interview learned that the explosion caused dozens of tons of trucks to bounce off the ground hundreds of meters away from the scene, and many houses in villages several kilometers away from the scene were shattered by glass.
Experts involved in the accident appraisal also said that the explosion at the accident site was quite powerful. Apart from the collapse of the southern half of the bridge deck, the South anti-collision wall was broken by 7.5 meters, and the North anti-collision wall moved out by 10 centimeters and sank by 5 centimeters, resulting in two cracks in the outer flange of the North side. About 10 meters long seam.

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