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Advantage of real ox wood adhesive
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The moisture content requirement of material moisture content is more suitable for 8 - 16%. The higher the moisture content, the longer the compression time. The higher the moisture content, the higher the subsequent shrinkage stress of the wood, the easier the deformation and bonding cracking of the product.
Processing requires that the splicing surface should be 90 degree splicing angle and not have obvious saw marks, planer marks or oil dust, etc. The two time plate or large area thickening splicing board, the thickness difference of thickness must be within 0.2mm.
The amount of glue is usually 250-280g/m2. The ambient temperature above 30 C should be 300g/m2 or double-sided or improved. A very short time can reduce the amount of glue. After pressure, check whether the glue is evenly extruded to determine whether the amount of glue is appropriate.
After setting time, the release time usually varies with the amount of cloth and the temperature and humidity of the operating environment. The ambient temperature above 25 C should be completed in 5 minutes. The longer the aging time, the higher the viscosity of the rubber layer and the lower the permeability. The shorter the release time, the quicker the pressure is, the more the bonding strength will be ensured.
Pressure and pressure depend on the material of the bonded wood. The maximum strength of the adhesive surface should be chosen as the direct contact. The recommended pressures for different wood species are: low density 7.0-10.0 Kg/cm_, medium density 9.0-12.0 Kg/cm_and high density 12.0-17.0 Kg/cm_. The pressure of the splicing plate starts from the beginning of 5cm and clamps every 20 to 25cm to ensure a balanced pressure.
When the temperature is above 25 C and the moisture content is 8-16%, it is recommended that the compression time should be at least 4 hours. The higher the density of wood, the greater the environmental humidity. The lower the ambient temperature is, the longer the time will be.
Processing and curing require unloaded sheets. The indoor temperature above 25 C should be kept for at least 12 hours before entering the next process. After 7 days of curing, the maximum bonding strength can be achieved.
Storage and operation for 6 months, stored in sealed original container, kept in a cool place, and avoid high heat, sunshine or freezing. The storage temperature is suitable at 10-40 C. It is recommended to use it evenly after mixing.
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