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Application of glue spray in furniture production-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Application of glue spray in furniture production
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In the process of furniture production, the most important concern is safety. Furniture manufacturing industry in the production process, store a large number of foamed cotton, cloth, wood products, leather and other items prone to static electricity hazards and inflammable, factory safety production is the most concern of every enterprise and government! Especially in dry winter, these materials are more likely to accumulate a large amount of static electricity, while furniture production needs a large number of adhesives for production, solvent-based adhesives used in the process of bonding, will emit a large number of solvents into the air. Sparks generated by static electricity are enough to ignite solvents in the air. If you don't pay attention to them, a fire will occur, causing immeasurable property losses and major casualties. Some furniture factories choose flame-retardant adhesives. Flame-retardant adhesives use slow-drying solvents or add flame retardants to achieve flame retardancy in solvent-based adhesives, but after all, they prevent, not non-flammable; moreover, most furniture factories users do not understand that the toxicity of flame-retardant solvents is even more common. Most factories use flame retardant adhesives in autumn and winter. Once the workers are afraid of cold shutting the windows, the air in the production site will not circulate. This will produce another result, chronic poisoning! The consequences are even more serious.
The state and Guangdong attach great importance to the remediation of volatile organic compounds in furniture enterprises
At present, almost 100% of the domestic market of soft furniture still uses traditional solvent glue as adhesives, a large number of benzene, formaldehyde harmful gases (VOC) volatilization, its harmful components are more than three times the automobile exhaust, seriously damaging the health of operators and consumers. At present, the relevant departments of the state and Guangdong Province attach great importance to the air pollution caused by volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is believed that the painting process of furniture production is an important source of industrial VOC emissions and an important reason for the decline of air visibility and the increase of haze days. For effective management of VOC pollution, protect the health of residents, in July 14, 2010, the State Administration of work safety issued a "notice on the high toxic substances harmful to carry out governance wood furniture manufacturing enterprises". In October 22, 2010, the Guangdong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Guangdong Province Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision jointly issued the "industry VOC emissions standard furniture manufacturing". 1 month 2011 years 24 days, Shenzhen City Habitat Environment Committee issued the "notice" regarding the development of furniture manufacturing enterprises volatile organic compounds pollution remediation ", to carry out pollution remediation work within VOC. Furniture enterprises are required to switch to environment-friendly water-based paint and water-based adhesive.
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