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Investment opportunities in jigsaw puzzle-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Investment opportunities in jigsaw puzzle
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When you see this opportunity, if your company is selling timber or board, there are mature customer groups and sound channels, then I sincerely congratulate you, you will usher in another barrel of gold in your life! uuuuuuuuuuuu If you think all this is gossip, please put this letter aside and save time to do more important things.

You may encounter the following troubles:

First: Now the sale of planks or logs is fierce competition, the price is dead low, the advance is serious, the bow does not turn around arrow, want to make use of existing customer groups to reuse, but there is no competitive product? You are in a hurry.

Second: You may now have a jigsaw brand on hand. The price is too high. Most users don't pay for it and can't sell it at all.

Three: there are more common exposure to wood. Is it difficult to sell glue? Is after-sale very special?

What is the situation? In fact, the adhesive market lacks brand + price advantage products.

Current situation 1: The adhesives on the market have brand names, high prices and rich profits, but more customers pursue substantial benefits, doomed to sell these products or not at all, the pursuit of profits is the comfort on the books, the actual operation is very difficult.

Current situation 2: Low-priced products on the market are easier for customers to accept, but without brand, customers use them with fear, manufacturers often do not have strength, no quality assurance, selling products to customers without brand promotion, want to make small profits and sell more, fight price war, fight head-to-head bloodshed, poor profits. After-sales service, small factories. There is no way to solve the problem. There are more time to solve the problem than to sell the product.

Finding a product with brand + price advantage is a breakthrough and opportunity.

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