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What is the use of puzzle glue?-Shanghai Zhen Niu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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What is the use of puzzle glue?
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1. Control of timber:
1. Control of moisture content: below 14%; 2. Keep the splicing surface flat, no wavy or curved or twisted surface can appear. For easily deformed wood (such as oak, Manchurian ash, etc.), the planing must be completed on the same day, and the planing must be re-planned overnight; 3. Before splicing, the wood dust on the wood surface must be removed.
Two. The way of glue adjustment:
1. When mixing curing agent, according to the size of the glue-holding device, the amount of glue can be adjusted. Only one third of the volume can be used in the glue-mixing device to adjust the glue. Otherwise, it will cause the foaming of the slurry reaction and overflow.
2. please use the flat bottom round plastic bucket to adjust the best glue. This kind of container can easily mix the curing agent evenly.
3. do not add water or other substances to the glue, otherwise it will cause a sharp decrease in solidification or strength.
4. The plywood glue with curing agent should be used up within 12 hours (the effect is more remarkable after soaking).
5. The unused curing agent must be stored in strict seal, and no water can be mixed in, so as not to cause hardening and scrap.
6. Once the dosage of curing agent has been confirmed, it can not be changed arbitrarily, otherwise it will seriously affect the bonding strength and water resistance and other key functions.
Three. Control of the amount of glue:
Users should decide the amount of glue according to the space temperature and humidity at that time. When the space temperature is low, the humidity is high (below 80%) and the wood is hard, the amount of glue coating is less; when the space temperature is high, the humidity is low (below 60%) and the wood is soft, the amount of glue coating is more.
Four. Glue method:
Because the viscosity (consistency) of the glue is large, it is best to use the manual glue dispenser, * pig brush or rubber scraper to spread the glue evenly. The sizing is generally controlled between 150g-250g/m (hard rubber 120g-150 g/m, 120g-250). After the workpiece is coated with glue, it should be joined together as soon as possible to prevent the colloid surface from forming film, so as not to cause false splicing and easy to open glue.
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